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Stellakinesis has disbanded due to time constraints and artistic differences.

We had a lot of great times over our year-and-a-half existence! Thanks to everyone who came to see us, and special thanks to the clubs and booking folks who believed in us and gave us opportunities.

Check the collection on for updates; there are still a few shows we need to publish. There will also be more videos published. We'll announce here and on Facebook as new material is published.

Stellakinesis may return in the future in a new form...




Valdini has left the band due to time constraints. We'll miss his great musicianship, funky solos, lyrical melodies & easygoing nature. Stellakinesis will play shows without keys while we look for the right guy. Expect new tunes featuring more MIDI guitar synth textures & looping to fill out the sound.

After a long summer/fall break (except for the Space Rock Mountain Melt, which was a BLAST -- thanks Rudy!), Stellakinesis was pleased to join the bill of the Ozric Tentacles and Mars Retrieval Unit at Tabor on Dec. 11th! We debuted three new songs, including Arabisco (disco with Persian flavor), Afroturf (Afrobeat), and Spin Around the Block (peppy-but-laid-back funky jam). This was Valdini's last show with the band for the forseeable future.

Stellakinesis starred in a video production by Oregon Music Live, shot in the local cable access television studios of Portland Community Media! We are thrilled with the result! We had several huge TV cameras on us, which were mixed on the fly along with psychedelic eye candy by Charlie Nanos (who did the projection work for us at our Tabor Lounge shows). Best of all, we pulled off an especially tight and inspired performance! Excerpts on YouTube are embedded below. We're looking into producing a batch of DVDs. See pics of the shoot here.

Thank you Jeffrey Ryerson for producing the show, and getting us in there! For info on the show and other video samples, go to

Travis bought an incredible custom DW kit, and it is gorgeous -- and thunderous! 8)

We've been working on new tunes -- especially of the booty-shaking and jam-vehicle varieties.

For the latest news, check our Facebook page (and become a fan while you're at it)!

Also please become our MySpace friend for occasional bulletins and invitations.


  • stellar funky rock
  • phunky phusion
  • high-energy electro-jazz & jamz...

Rooted in funky jazz, but infused with fiery rock, uptempo modern beats, and exploratory psychedelic jams, Stellakinesis takes danceable rhythms, rich with percussion, and adds sophisticated harmonies and stimulating changes to make music more colorful and interesting than most dance music, while maintaining the momentum for the dance floor.

The music includes improvisational stretches which add excitement and freshness to each performance, yet the band is careful to not allow them to get too longwinded or chaotic for the audience.

Stellakinesis is inspired by funky party bands, jazz virtuosos, rock heroes, prog rock geniuses, and the jamband greats alike, and they strive to combine the best elements of these styles into a satisfying musical experience.


Jeffree White - guitar
Andrew Clapp - bass
Travis Ellison - drums
Rob Roy - percussion
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Photos taken during our show in the Lounge at Mt. Tabor Theater on 1.16.10. It was Travis's birthday, and Jeffree was debuting his new Gibson SG!

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See our show archive page for past show descriptions with poster artwork!